SANTA FE- The Department of Information Technology (DoIT), in collaboration with General Services Department, is implementing technology to allow for electronic signatures on state government documents, DoIT Secretary Vincent Martinez and GSD Secretary Ken Ortiz announced today.

The benefits of e-signature technology include improved government efficiency and reduced paper use, Martinez said.

“E-signature also will improve security of documents and decrease the time it takes to get contracts and other documents signed by state employees, government contractors and others,” the secretary said. “This technology has been long sought by state agencies.”

DoIT recently signed the contract to begin implementing the e-signature technology.

The implementation of e-signature technology will begin with contracting documents for DoIT and the State Purchasing Division of the General Services Department.

“GSD looks forward to helping implement this technology to make government more productive and to reduce its impact on climate change thanks to what should be a dramatic reduction in paper use,” GSD Secretary Ken Ortiz.

The selected vendor, an industry leader, will work with other executive agencies to plan and implement e-signature technology for other document processing.