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Mailing Address:
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Santa Fe, NM 87502-2550

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Phone: 505-827-0000

About the Committee

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued Executive Order 2022-141 on September 23, 2022, establishing the Cybersecurity Planning Committee (“Committee”). The order is in response to the Notice of Funding Opportunity by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to assist state, local, and territorial governments with managing and reducing systemic cyber risk.   The Committee members have been appointed and are holding public meetings to take necessary action to permit New Mexico to participate in the federal funding opportunity.  For information about the Committee and its work, select a link below.

Committee Members

The members of the Cybersecurity Planning Committee are:

  • Peter Mantos – Secretary Designate, Department of Information Technology
  • Nathan C. Brown – Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Raja Sambandam – State Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Information Technology
  • Carlos S. Lobato – Chief Information Security Officer, NM State University
  • Michael W. Good – Director of IT Operations, Los Lunas School District
  • William A. York – Deputy Chief Security Officer, Department of Health
  • Robert L. Benavidez – Chief Information Officer, Bernalillo County
  • Dr. Bradley K. Purdy –Chief Information Security Office, City of Santa Fe
  • Brigadier General Miguel Aguilar – Adjutant General, NM National Guard
  • William Presley –Director of IT, Tesuque Pueblo
  • Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala – Senior VP of Security Products, Ivanti
  • Dr. Lorie M. Liebrock –Director, NM Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Governor’s Designee
  • Tracy Lopez – Elections Security Program Manager, Secretary of State, Governor’s Designee
  • Cassandra Hayne – Chief Technology Officer, Administrative Office of the Courts, Governor’s Designee
  • Senator Michael Padilla – NM State Senate, Governor’s Designee

Meetings Notice, Agendas, and Minutes

Last updated: March 17, 2023
Ongoing Meeting Notice

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
March 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes coming soon
March 03, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes coming soon
February, 17, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes coming soon
February 03, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes coming soon
January 20, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
January  06, 2023 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
December 16, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
December 02, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
November 18, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
November 11, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
November 04, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
October 28, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
October 21, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes
October 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM Agenda Minutes


Future Notifications

To receive notifications from the Cybersecurity Planning Committee or other important notices from DoIT please subscribe at NM DoIT Subscriber Alerts.  The subscriber page will ask for phone numbers, although not required and other information.  Since the Committee only sends notices by e-mail, and does not use phone, text messaging or faxing, you do not need to provide a phone or fax number.

To reach a committee member or for questions, please email

The committee wants to meet with you to provide an opportunity to address your questions or concerns, through a series of virtual “Meet Ups.”

There will be ten “Meet Ups.” across a two-week period providing ample opportunity. Although a target audience is identified for each meet up, you are free to choose and attend any or all of them. These will be conducted on Zoom and the schedule and links are located below.

Meet Up

Focus Area



Session 1

Session 2


State Agencies, State Judicial, and State Legislative

Peter Mantos

Raja Sambandan


10:00 am


10:00 am


Public Schools & Higher Education

Demetrius Brandon

Dr. Lorie Liebrock


10:30 am


10:30 am


Counties & Municipalities

Robert Benavidez

John Salazar


10:00 am


2:00 pm



Tim Presley

Dr. Lorie Liebrock


2:00 pm


10:00 am


Healthcare & Critical Infrastructure

Tracy Lopez



11:00 am


3:00 pm