Project Certification Templates & Guidance

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Project Certification Templates & Guidance

PCC applies to certification of information technology projects undertaken by executive agencies meeting one or more of the following criteria in order for IT project funds to be released in a phased manner, regardless of the source of funds: project is required to undergo phased certifications as a result of the appropriation or grant; project is a subsequent or interrelated project to a previously certified project; project cost is equal to or in excess of $100,000.00; project is one deemed appropriate by the DoIT Cabinet Secretary, who is also the State CIO. If you are unfamiliar with the PCC process, read this presentation.  For assistance, please contact or contact your assigned EPMO project manager.

FY 2024 PCC and TARC Schedule

These documents list TARC and PCC dates for FY 2024. In the event that the dates change and you are scheduled to attend, you will be notified via email.

Certification Request Forms

The following includes Initiation, Planning, Implementation, Change and Closeout certification request forms and a Project Charter and Project Management Plan templates:

Project Monthly Report

This is the template for the monthly project report that is due to on the 10th of each month after project Initiation through project Closeout

Technical Architecture Review Committee

As of March 2023, a new Technical Architecture Review Committee (TARC) process is being piloted. Please contact your EPMO Project Manager and read the TARC Training Template below.

Oversight and Exception Process

The following links include the executive order that consolidates agency information technology operations and governance under DoIT.  It also includes forms to request exceptions to information technology, PCC, TARC and IV&V processes:

Email completed Requests for Information Technology Exception Request and Requests for PCC Exception and Waiver Forms to DoIT EPMO staff will coordinate DoIT review of and response to each request.

Independent Verification and Validation Template