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New Mexico Broadband Mapping Program (NMBBP)

How Availability is Mapped

The mapping of “availability” entails securing Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with Telecommunications Providers who deliver Broadband Services using DSL, Cable, Satellite, Wireless, Mobile, and/or Fiber technologies. These data are assessed in a secured environment, transferred in a variety of media and formats, evaluated, processed, normalized, aggregated into generalized geographies, and uploaded to the NTIA per specifications (See Methodology Report Below). Please understand that the Broadband Map is over reporting data that comes from the Internet Service Provider. In order to safeguard the proprietary infrastructure data of the provider, the NMBBP must “aggregate” these data into U.S. Census Blocks, equivalent to a neighborhood block in an urban area. As a result, if there is one customer in a corner of a “block”, the entire block will be reported as having broadband

DoIT's Commitment

DoIT is committed to a broadband program that is sustainable. Local resources are being engaged to support the Program. The department contracts with the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC/UNM) to provide mapping services and has been highly successful in meeting deadlines required by the NTIA. The NMBBP launched a website where users can enter an address and see what broadband service providers and technologies are available. The broadband speed testing utility is available to validate network performance.

Aligned with mapping, the NMBBP is analyzing socio-economic factors towards broadband “adoption” and compiling a robust dataset of “anchor institutions”. The dataset referred to as the Community Anchor Site Assessment (CASA) is the first within New Mexico of these institutions requiring broadband services. They include schools, medical facilities, libraries, fire departments, government buildings and others. CASA will support adoption planning for infrastructure.

DoIT looks forward to a collaborative and integrated Program to serve the needs of New Mexico, promoting jobs and benefiting our workforce.